Weighted Companion Cube Plushie Sewing Pattern

So I got myself the Orange Box from Steam yesterday, which means that I bought one of the most original and fun Games of the last years: Portal.

Portal has two noteworthy characters: GLaDOS, the main antagonist and the Weighted Companion Cube, the sidekick of the player in one of the maps.Companion Cube

Both have gained some fame now, but the Cube has one advantage: You can actually build your own, thanks to the sewing pattern! And guess what? I've just decided to make my own. I know enough about sewing to fix buttons on my shirt, but after all, this is the internet: Place of unlimited information and failure, so it should not be too hard to gain enough knowledge. For starters, my first quest will be to actually get the materials, especially since I never needed to buy "raw" plush before? As I don't want to kill some cuddly toys to harvest their plush (this is not BioShock, after all!), I think I'll have a lot of fun shopping soon.

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[...] few weeks ago I wrote about making my own Weighted Companion Cube, and today I finally got round to buy the material needed. Now when it comes to sewing material, [...]