Send e-Mail from the Command Line

So you have written your neat little backup script that backs up everything but the kitchen sink, does three different types of verification and replication and writes everything into a neat little log file that you can check to see if everything ran fine.

But no real™ script that runs as scheduled task would be complete without e-Mail notification, right?

There are quite a few tools available that allow to send e-Mail from the command line, and here is yet one more: cmdsendmail!

This tool works off an XML file and has pretty much every feature that could be useful: SMTP AUTH? Check. Ability to set CC and BCC as well? Check. HTML support? Check. Attachments? Of Course!

Since it works off an XML file, you can have your script create this file dynamically, which makes it extremely flexible.

So how much does it cost? 99€? 49€? 19€? Nope, it's free software, and the source code is available as well!

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[...] I introduced my tool to send e-Mail from a Command Line. There was a little cosmetic Bug in it (The “Execution [...]