A setStateActivity is not the end of the Workflow

Imagine you have a StateMachine Workflow with multiple states. Say, you want to be smart and save some activities in a large (or small) IfElseActivity. Lets assume you have 1 Branch that should move the workflow into someState, whereas all other Branches should move the workflow into someOtherState. You may be tempted to do something like this:

Don't to that. Because the setStateActivity does not act as a "STOP"-Sign for the current state, the workflow will still continue the rest of this activity, and it seems to ignore all setStateActivities except the last one it encounters in it's execution path. So in the example above, you will end up on someOtherState regardless if the IfElse-Branch is executed or not. In fact, someState does not seem to be executed at all, as none of the StateInitialization Activies execute.