CommandLine Tools 1.0.3

A new Version of the CommandLine Tools has just been released. These are the changes:

InfoPath 2007 URN Changer (cmdxsnurn)

This is a new tool in this package.
Form Templates created with InfoPath have a Unique Identifier, the URN, which usually looks like this:
Notice that there is a DateTime String at the end, which never changes. However, when using InfoPath Templates on a Sharepoint Server as Task Forms, they are cached. While it is possible to remove the cached versions on the server-side, they are sometimes also cached on the client side, i.e. Outlook 2007 caches them, and there seems to be no easy solution to delete them from the Outlook cache (if you know a way, please please let me know! :-))

Changing a URN in InfoPath is also not easy: You have to extract the .xsn file, manually edit each file, and package them again into a .xsn. This is where this tool comes in: It allows you to easily change the DateTime Part of the URN by doing all the work for you. As a Bonus, it also has an option to extract the template.xml file from the .xsn file.

Send Mail (cmdsendmail)

  • New "replacetokens" Attribute on <body> and <subject>

If this is set to TRUE, several tokens will be replaced.
The current Date in yyyy-MM-dd format, i.e. 2008-03-22
The current Time in HH:mm:ss format, i.e. 16:02:22

.net SVN Revision Replace (cmdnetsvnrev)

  • New /v Parameter to change the Assembly(File)Version completely

This will change the AssemblyVersion to x.x.x.svnrev.

cmdnetsvnrev /v 12.0.3 /r http://svn/repo /c z:\buildsrc

This will Change the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion to, assuming that your SVN Repo is Revision 80. If the /Version switch is in any other format (i.e. 1.0 or 1.a), it will be ignored. Using values >65535 will work, but may lead to compiler errors.

Comments (1)

HansFebruary 7th, 2011 at 09:49

is it possible to get the Computername as a token?
I tried it with %computername% and ##computername## but it wont work.
I want to use the environment variable "computername" to get the client name in the subject and body.