Sewing without a Sewing Machine is actually work

I have now started making my Weighted Companion Cube, and I just feel like I should point out the opposite: Sewing without a sewing machine is actually work!

So far, i've managed to make a heart piece, only to discover that the sewing pattern is a little bit inaccurate. In the first step it talks about a "Dark Grey fabric" which you combine with the interfacing. But "Dark Grey" should be light grey instead, as the fabric that you get from step one is the one where the heart will go to and that will eventually go onto the cube, which is dark grey. It can now be argued about wether not both are "dark" grey, with one being darker than the other, but the essence is: Use the lighter grey for the first step.

Anyway, here are my attempts so far:

  1. Get a 5x5 inch (14x14cm) pattern of (light) grey fabric and the interfacing. If it's not a perfect square it does not matter, you will eventually cut off the edges anyway.
  2. Sew them together using the circle template.
  3. Cut out a heart from the pink fabric using the template and sew it into the middle of the grey circle
  4. Cut out the circle, remember to leave a bit of safety margin.

As you see, I clearly need some more practice here, the heart piece could look a lot better. Also, the sewing technique is not optimal. You should use Satin Stitch here, but doing it manually is a LOT of work. I'm thinking of getting a sewing machine, which are not neccessarily big and expensive. The local electronics store has the Brother JS-23, which is relatively small yet does exactly what it is supposed to do - satin stitch Weighted Companion Cubes 🙂

Anyway, Sewing is actually quite fun, and I hope that I can finish my first Cube during the week.