Sharepoint Discoverter – Convert .wsdl/.disco files for Sharepoint

If you want to create your own Web Service that runs on top of Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 (WSSv3) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS2007), you will encounter the issue of setting up the .wsdl and .disco file. For Sharepoint, you need to rename and modify them, which is a small, but tedious task. (If you want to know how to write SharePoint Web Services, check out this blog post, which covers creation of the .asmx, but also the .wsdl and .disco files)

I have written a small application that will do this automatically for you: .disco/.wsdl in, disco.aspx and wsdl.aspx out. It requires .net Framework 3.0 (just as Sharepoint) and is available in both binary and source form on CodePlex:


On a related note, this was also a test to see how good CodePlex is. I will write up a little CodePlex vs. SourceForge post later on as I have experience with both now, and both have advantages and disadvantages.