T minus 5 Days – Roller Days 2009 Mönchengladbach!

On this Week-End, 4WheelFreestyle will hold its second freestyle event, the Roller Days 2009. Featuring Roller Disco, Fun Skating, Speed Slalom Competitions, Slide Contests and a WSSA Freestyle Battle. 

Once again, Skaters from all over the world will meet in Mönchengladbach, Germany to compete, learn from each other, meet and greet and have a lot of fun. Do we care about bad weather? No, we don’t, since it’s an indoor event. Come hell or high water, on this week-end, Cones will be kicked, Wheels will roll and Trophies will be awarded.

Entry to the Event is free on all days and spectators are highly welcome. Participation in the Battles (which are official WSSA Battles counting towards the World Ranking) will cost 8 Euros, which also includes an Event T-Shirt. Of course, the T-Shirt is also available for everyone else who wants one (or two or three…) for the same price until stocks last. 

We also organize two diners. On Friday at around 22:00, we will go to the Mokka in Viersen, who exceptionally keep their kitchen open for us. The translated menu is at the bottom of this post. On Saturday, we will visit the Chinese Restaurant near the Hall. 

Catering during the Event is also been taken care of, with Sausages, Sandwiches, Yoghurt and other Sweets being available, along with Soft-Drinks, Water, Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Sport Drinks. 

If you cannot attend the Event, we will have a Live-Webcam, an Event-Ticker on our Forum and on Twitter. 

Registrations for the Battles are still open until Saturday, 13:00. No registration is required for Spectators – come along, bring your friends, your family, your local skate-community, everyone is welcome! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, if you want to register, if you want to have a T-Shirt put aside for you (highly recommended if you want one in your size) or really for anything else you’d be interested in, drop us an e-Mail at info(at)roller-days.de 


Time Table Roller Days 2009 
(All Times are CET, GMT+1) 

On all days, Entry for Spectators is free. 

Friday, February 13, 2009 
1800: Entry into the Hall possible 

1900 - 2300: Roller Disco (Free Entry) 
You don’t have to be a Pro, this Event is all about having Fun! Organized by GSRC and 4WheelFreestyle and open to everyone, we’re going to hit the Dancefloor on Friday Evening! 

2200 - ????: Dinner at Mokka 
See Menu. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009 
0900 – 1400: Free Training, Workshops, Battle Registration 
Saturday morning is all about free Skating and Workshops. You have the entire Hall available to practice, learn new tricks or prepare for the Battles. 
If you want to participate in the Battles, you can register on site until 1300. After 1300, further registrations may not be possible due to planning reasons. 

1400 – 2000: WSSA Battle Competitions 
Starting on 1400, we will hold the Battles. Currently, we anticipate to hold them in the following order: 
- Speed Slalom 
- Slide Contest 
- Freestyle Slalom Qualifications and First Rounds 

2000 – 2200: Fun Contests, Party Skating, Relaxing 
After a hard day of battle, the entire hall is once again available for fun skating. Depending on the remaining time and circumstances, fun contests (e.g. Free Jump) may be held, but essentially you’re free to do whatever you want. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009 

1000 – 1800: WSSA Battles 
Starting at 1000, we will hold the remaining rounds and finals of the Men and Women Freestyle Slalom Battles. 
Afterwards, the Mixed Team Battle will take place. 
Award Ceremonies will complete the Event  

Menu of the Mokka 
• Ciabatta bread with cherry tomatoes and mini-mozzarella, au gratin – 3.50 € 
• Roasted Ciabatta with tomatoes, onions, olive oil and garlic – 3.50 € 
• Grilled Turkey Hen pieces in chili sauce, sesame and curry – 4.50 € 
• Warm Goat Cheese on steamed chicory with tomatoes and pignolias – 4.50 € 

Main Dishes 
• Miscellaneous Salad with grilled turkey hen pieces – € 8.00 
• Tortellini in Tuna-Olive Sauce with Tomato-flavor and Parmesan - € 6.00 
• Baked Potato with a crème of herbs with vegetables on salad - € 6.00 
• Penne with roasted vegetables in cream sauce - € 6.00 
• Penne with beef Bolognese sauce and Parmesan - € 6.00 
• Escalope on cream sauce with fried potatoes and miscellaneous salad - € 7.50