So it will be SharePoint Server 2010…

Microsoft today announced the naming of the next SharePoint version, SharePoint "14" will officially be called Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Looks like the more versions they make, the more stuff they drop out of the name. First it was "SharePoint Portal Server", then "Office SharePoint Server", and now just "SharePoint Server". Makes sense to be fair, SharePoint is really a brand on it's own, so why blur the lines too much. But the actual question will be: Is 2010 going to end this SPWeb.Dispose madness, that not only causes all sorts of weird issues, but is also inconsistent.

Really, SPWeb.Dispose is a big gun that is made for people to shoot themselves in the foot, and I'd love to see that improved more than anything else (Well, apart from CAML, that abomination of SQL).