Have a WebForms Open Source Project? Want Tekpub’s ASP.net MVC 2 Series for free?

Okay, here is a little experiment. No idea if it works, but one can try 🙂

Are you an Open Source Developer, working on a WebForms project? Did you ever ask yourself "Is this really the best way to do this"? Or were you ever curious about ASP.net MVC and just never got around to do it? Or would you just like to compare ASP.net MVC to what you know about WebForms?

I'm giving away one (1) coupon for TekPub's ASP.net MVC 2 video series - a US$ 28.00 value! What I want in return? Not much - I just want to see that you are an Open Source developer working on a WebForms project. I don't care if you use SourceForge, CodePlex, GitHub, Google Code or your own website. I don't care if it's MS-PL, GPL, MIT. I don't care if you have 1 or 1 Million users. I don't care if it's for pharmaceutical project management or tracking water quality in New Zealand. Update: TekPub decided to throw in four (4) additional coupons. Thanks guys!


  • ASP.net WebForms project - any version of .net from 1.0 to 4.0 or Mono
  • Open Source under an OSI License
  • Code must be downloadable freely and without sign up (having to use a Source Control Client is acceptable)
  • Project must be working - it doesn't need to be mature, finished and polished, but it needs to be something one could download and actually run
  • Project Owner or Contributor must add a link and a valid e-Mail to the comments of this article
  • Only one Entry per project - multiple entries will be filtered to only count once
  • Deadline: Friday, January 15 2010, 8 pm PST

What does "Code must be downloadable" mean?
An open source project needs source code - there are a few projects out there that are in a "Preview" state where the demo-app and project site is up, but the source code is listed as "coming soon"... Your code needs to be downloadable, without having to sign up for any site. It's okay if it's read-only and it's okay if I have to use a source control client to download it (e.g., svn export, git clone...) and it's okay if it's .rar, .tar.bz2, .zip, as a bunch of single files or in any other common format.

What is a "working project"?
This is kind of a fuzzy and unspecific point, I agree. Working does not mean it has to be fully functional, mature and finished. It just means that it's core functionality should be implemented to a point one can actually use your project - for example, a project management system should be able to manage a project, but if e-Mail notification doesn't work and if your CSS is still a "High Contrast Hot Dog Stand to see which Elements actually apply", that's fine.

I mainly have that rule because I want to reach out to people who really use WebForms.

No Obligations from your side
Should you win, you have no obligation towards me to actually to anything with ASP.net MVC. You do not have to change your existing project and you do not have to create a new (Open or Closed Source) MVC Project. This is not a Crusade initiated by me, I just want to give a WebForms developer a chance to take a deep dive into MVC - you draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions after that.

Fine Print
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with TekPub, Microsoft or anyone else - I'm just doing this as an experiment and because I'm curious if there's OSS WebForms Projects whose contributors are interested in ASP.net MVC. Your e-Mail address will only to pick a winner and (that's how WordPress work) to resolve a Gravatar. It will not be published or shared with anyone else, except with TekPub if you win one of the 4 coupons they give away. You will need to create a free account with TekPub if you win. No purchase necessary. I reserve the right to end this Giveaway early or without selecting a winner.

Comments (2)

Sean PattersonJanuary 6th, 2010 at 16:23

I'm interested! I've had a project out on CodePlex for a while now called Hacksaw, which is a web based tool for viewing log4net log files. It is functional (despite the 0.9.6 number on it) and I use it day to day in the office for apps I've created. I've made some changes to my personal version, but nothing robust enough to push up to a newer version.

The layout is notably atrocious, although the app itself is simple. I'd been wanting to use it as a springboard app to get me into MVC, with the ability to add some more features in there as well (such as parsing more log4net formats, IIS log files, or doing some load optimizations).

You can access the project by going to http://hacksaw.codeplex.com. The e-mail address I used in posting the comment should resolve the Gravatar and is my primary.

Thanks for this opportunity!