Sharepoint Link List #1

As said yesterday, I'm playing around with Application Development in Sharepoint at the moment. I've found a variety of good sites and blogs, so here is my first, mostly unsorted link list.

  • SharePoint is not the Holy Grail
    • A good blog posting about the fact that Sharepoint alone will not solve any problems - it's a tool, not a miracle
  • Development and Engineering practices
    • Before starting any development, this article has some nice information from someone who had to learn it the hard way 🙂
  • How solution deployment has changed development with SharePoint technologies
    • A posting about Solutions in Sharepoint 2007 and how to install them
  • What are Content Types?
    • Content Types are very important if you want to use Lists instead of "real" database Tables. This posting is specifically about Content Types in Document Libraries, but it gives a good general overview.
  • Simulate Parent / Child relations
    • If you use Sharepoint Lists instead of real database tables, this article shows how to simulate Master/Detail relations. Here, Content Types play a Key Role
  • Two Articles about List Events: Article 1, Article 2
    • This seems to be a bit outdated (mentions Beta 2 of MOSS), but still a good read. Essentially, when developing applications, keep in mind that the user might use the Lists.asmx Web Service to create new items. If you have all your application logic in a custom form, this may be the source of problems.

Disclaimer: All the links were valid when I made this post. This is the internet, so links might change over time.