Freestyle Skating Weekend 2008

I've spent the last days in Mönchrngladbach, during the 4WheelFreestyle organized Freestyle Skating Weekend.

Friday, 15.02.2008

On Friday, we spent the Evening with moving all the technical equipment in place. Organizing such an Event is a lot more complicated that it may seem at first, and the list of equipment needed grows and grows and grows... Anyway, putting everything in the cars and the trailer and driving to Mönchengladbach Neuwerk was the easy part. But then, it had to be moved downstairs, which was easy for the small things, but interesting for the big speaker cabinets. But well, this is the first of 3 days and we were still fresh and relaxed, so building the Team Area was straight forward.

Also, the first guests arrived and after doing some free training, we spent a nice evening at the Mokka in Viersen till 1:30 or so.

Saturday, 16.02.2008

After a very short night of maybe 5 or so hours of sleep, we started into a much too cold day at 7:00. As we had a little shop on the Event, we had to take the pile of stuff from Thomas' apartment into the car and to the event. The official start of the Event was at 10:00, and the time until 16:00 was spent with Workshops and free training and preparing the top-notch equipment that was used to make some 3000 photos and countless hours of video. At 16:00, the Battles started. With Sebastian Lafargue, Thomas Vilcans and Rudy Op't Veldt as Judges it was guaranteed to have proper and well-founded judgements, even though it was a pity not seeing Rudy and Thomas compete in the Freestyle Battles.

The day ended at 22:00, and I think I never felt my feet with such an intensity than on that evening. But regardless of exhaustion, it was a very nice day.

Sunday, 17.02.2008

Sunday started with the Final rounds of Speed Slalom. Thanks to the Freestyle Slalomskater Munich Team, we had a light barrier and a nice display of the times. For the Men, Seba won the Speed Slalom, and Chloe Seyres was successful for the women.

After Speed Slalom, we went on to the finals of Freestyle Slalom. Chris Fessel won the Event for the Men, and Chloe Seyres was successful for the Women. The Riders seemed to like the Winner Certificates - they have style, certainly. Also, the Podium is a nice example of why multi-function sport halls are useful 🙂

One of the attractions of the Event was the DJ Equipment, thanks to Thomas. The people liked the live DJ set on Saturday evening. As Thomas was one of the Judges, Michel took over the music during the battles.

And as my personal Highlight, I could add some Souvenirs to my 4WheelFreestyle Shirt 🙂

Overall, it was a great event. It was quite exhausting but it was surely worth it. If you want some more photos, check out my album of the 4WheelFreestyle Forum Thread.

The full list of results is available here.

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SidewinderFebruary 24th, 2008 at 22:24

Hey Michael,

great report of the event thanks for writing and helping us.

You did a great work!

Here you can find an overview of all photos, videos & report...

If you know more sources, photos or anything else please send us 🙂

See you in Paris!

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