Word 2007 actually supports WordPress

One of the nicest Features of Word 2007 is the Blog support. I use it normally to write Posts for an internal Blog that's hosted on Sharepoint 2007, and I always said to myself "How cool would it be if I could use Word 2007 for WordPress as well?" Nothing against the JavaScript editor that comes with WordPress, but Word 2007 is quite a bit better.

Well, since a few minutes I feel really stupid, because Word 2007 actually supports WordPress, out of the box. Even Image Uploading works properly, and so do categories.

Thanks to the guy who wrote this article for pointing out something that should have been clear to me if I would just had RTFM... Now the best blogging system actually has a really good editor as well 🙂 (Edit: Just Words Smiley-Conversion is still a problem, as the result is the famous Span-Wingdings-J instead of the Smiley...)