Bring down the Sky – Blank Name Tags

Bioware's Mass Effect is possibly one of the best games ever made, at least since the first Knights of the old Republic. Despite some technical problems (slowdown and texture popup), the story with some rather nice twists is just compelling.

There is one optional Mission available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, "Bring down the Sky", for 400 Microsoft Points (or M$, as I call them for short). Now, I got my Xbox set to German, with a UK Version of Mass Effect and a Gamertag that has France as origin country. I was offered both the FR and EN Version, so I picked the EN one. But there is a problem: The Name in the "Downloadable Content" Submenu is blank, the name of the system is blank, and you do not see the "Land" option when you go to the planet on the Galaxy Map.

The solution? Set the Xbox System Language to English, and it works fine. Stupid Bug though, maybe Bioware should do some proper QA on multi-language systems. This is the year 2008 after all, a sloppy quality assurance for the European market with it's different languages is simply unacceptable, especially when you charge an extra fee for the content.

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