Credits for my Gravatar

I received a question recently about my Gravatar (shown on the right), and I'd just want to take the opportunity to thank Chris Deutsch for creating those.

A bit of background information: A few months back, me and a friend decided to make a show on the Internet, called The Filthy Pumpkin Show. Kai had the great idea that we needed Comic-Versions of ourselves (visible at the end of the Trailer), so he asked Chris to create some. I liked them so much, I've decided to take mine as a Gravatar.

I like the result because it has both my trademark "One Facial Expression is enough!" and I like the Visual Studio Logo on the shirt.

So yeah, if you were wondering where the Picture came from, here is the answer. Many thanks again to Chris, especially because they were made on a really short deadline!

Also, here is the Trailer:

The Filthy Pumpkin Show - Trailer from Michael Stum on Vimeo.