Ideas do not change the world. They never have, they never will.

Don't we all just love it when people talk how the world was changed by great ideas? It always gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling, because we believe that we can change the world as well, we just need an idea.

Well, sorry to destroy that illusion, but ideas do not change the world. They never have, and they never will. If I go into a room with 50 people, I can be sure that each of them has ideas, some of which are truly great and astounding. Everyone has ideas. I have ideas when I wake up, when I go to work, when I am at work, when I am back. I constantly have a lot of ideas, and I am pretty sure that most other people constantly have ideas as well. And I believe that some of those ideas could be truly world-changing. But they won't, because ideas do not do anything.

The world is changed by deeds. It is changed when someone takes an idea and is determined to make it happen. Suddenly, it does not matter anymore if the idea is good or not - if no one is determined to make it happen, an idea won't change a thing. It's not required that you are the one to make it happen, but then you have to convince someone to have a shot at it.

But still, I find it kinda sad how those "You can do it!!!" coaches constantly babble about ideas, ideas and ideas. But then again, "The world is changed by ideas" is a lot more catchy and convenient than "If you want to change the world, get your ass up and work for it!"...

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