Far Away In America

No, I'm not referring to that Village People song that was a definite low even by the Standards of the German National Soccer team (I have to admit that I kinda liked the 1990 Album with Udo Jürgens, but a) I was 7 back then and b) I'm only two sentences in and already going off-topic).

4 Years ago, on April 15 2005, I decided to move from Germany to France. No idea what to expect, no plan if this would work out, but also with no doubts that this is the right thing to do. And what can I say? The past 4 years were a blast, one hell of a ride, and well worth taking the risk. Last week, I had to make another decision like this, except on a larger scale.

2005, the choice was to move from unemployment into a job in my dream industry, 484 kilometers away from home. It was a no-brainer for the most part. 2009, the choice was to move from a good job into another good job. And this time, the choice was to move 9100 kilometers - from France to California. But at the end, the decision was also mostly a no-brainer.

So yeah, unless something really strange happens (Like the US Government not approving my Visa), I'm going to move to the US, the country where kilometers are 60% longer and called miles, the country where 120 V achieve the same as 230 V over here (I think they are just making those 120 Volts work harder and longer to be fair...), the country 9 time zones away (My parents will have to buy a second clock now :)).

Good time to start a traveling-series in this blog. No no, not something like Matt already did (I'm not a tourist after all)... Maybe something with the FilthyPumpkin humour... Maybe something very artsy... Or maybe something downright boring just to piss everyone off who expects a really exciting Travel Diary 😛

PS: Good thing the song is largely forgotten, I found only a really crappy version of an interpretation of it.

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JanMarch 27th, 2009 at 09:27

Krass, also Irvine nehme ich an. Und was genau, wenn man fragen darf?

Gratulation auf jeden Fall, Neid ist die höchste Form der Anerkennung... 😉

Ich kenne viele, die davon geträumt haben, nur die wenigsten schaffen es wirklich, also ein echter Ritterschlag... dein Schwert bekommst dann ja auch bald, wenn ich nicht irre.


Michael StumMarch 27th, 2009 at 11:36

Jau, ist Irvine, und das Schwert wäre im April 2010 so weit 😀

Dillie-OMarch 27th, 2009 at 17:00

Welcome to So. Cal! (If I'm following you right in that you'll be in the Irvine area). I think Orange County will have more diversity to offer you as opposed to the Silicon Valley area so mucho congrats! Just make sure to hit the beach once or twice every summer and you'll be set!

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