SWiki 0.10 released

Development continues at a rapid pace, and SWiki 0.10 got a significant amount of changes. First of all, it accepts the filename of the database as a command line parameter. That means that you can have multiple wiki databases (for example, separate wikis for multiple projects you're working on) but only need one SWiki.exe. Of course, it will still work if you do not specify a filename, in which case it uses "swikidb.swk" in the folder of SWiki.exe.

You can give a Title to each database now. To do that, simply click on the settings button (the cogwheel in the lower left button bar) and type in a title. The new Title will be reflected on the title bar as well, which is useful if you have multiple SWiki instances open.

There is a new Macro that you can use in your wiki pages to change the color of text: [color:ff0000|Your Text] will display the text in red. You can of course combine this with other format specifiers, for example *[color:0000ff|Your Text]* for bold blue text.

Also, there are a few UI Bug Fixes. The tab order should make sense in every window, and you can actually press return in the "New Page" dialog. Users of Version 0.9 will have to convert their database into the new format, as 0.10 changed the schema. To do that, there is an Upgrade tool included.

Download it for free from CodePlex now