SWiki 0.11 released

Another blog post - another SWiki update. That's the good thing about starting with a small feature set, it allows for rapid expansion 🙂 Along with many smaller fixes, there are two big points in this release.

Export Wiki into HTML Files
Using the now-functional export button in the button bar, you can export your wiki to HTML files. This will generate one file per page, complete with navigation.

Diff between Revisions
There is now a new "Diff" Tab on the main screen. This allows you to pick any two revisions of a page and quickly compare them.


Other changes
Apart from these two big points, there are some other changes. In the doc folder, you will find a more elaborate user manual in .swk format. The navigation menu on the left has a context menu now to add new pages. The Syntax Help window should no longer open outside of the screen if the SWiki window is too close to the edge.

Download SWiki for free on http://swiki.codeplex.com/