Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 Video Series

I found that if I want to learn something, I should try explaining or teaching it to someone else. As I work as a SharePoint Developer, the Debugger became my best friend very quickly, but I always ever only touched the surface and maybe a little bit more. A recent problem requires me now to dig really deep and is forcing me to really learn to use the debugger. So I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to create a little video series, of which the first chapter will be "Beginning Debugging in Visual Studio 2010". Now let me first start with a disclaimer: I am still learning this stuff. I am not a senior developer at Microsoft with 20 years experience writing operating system, I am just someone who picked up C# 4 years ago and is now trying to learn through teaching.

This series is not about design or architecture, it is not about unit testing or best practices. This is purely about having some buggy code and using the debugger to find the issue and solve it. This is about moving from trial-and-error/guessing to evidence-gathering.

There is no set schedule for releases and I am not sure how many episodes there will be. I do have plans for three chapters of varying "difficulty" and I do have a to-do list of stuff I want to cover, but as some items on this list are really hardcore I'm not sure what will come out of this.

Anyway, here is an index to all released episodes:

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ShaymerNovember 15th, 2011 at 15:14

Thanks, your video's are straight to the point and very helpful.