A Visual Studio Macro to insert a new Guid

I've been trying to create some SharePoint Content Types and List Definitions recently, and everyone who done that before knows what you need for that: Guids, and quite a few of them. One for each Field, Feature, Solution... So instead of using GuidGen, I wanted something that inserts a new Guid at the cursor position in the Editor when I press a certain keyboard shortcut.

Luckily, this is rather easy with the Macro Editor. Just create a new Macro/Module and enter this code:

Sub InsertGuid()
    Dim newId As String = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("B")
    Dim doc As Document = DTE.ActiveDocument
    Dim textDoc As TextDocument = CType(doc.Object("TextDocument"), TextDocument)
End Sub

You can then go to Tools / Options / Environment / Keyboard and look for the Macro you just created (Macros.MyMacros.SomeModule.InsertGuid) and assign a Keyboard shortcut to it.