A few more thoughts about SWiki

It's been some time since I wrote a post about me re-thinking SWiki. In the meantime, I have experimented a bit with several approaches, and the recent announcements of IIS Express and SQL CE 4 sparked some new interest in this project.

As I said earlier, my problem was that I can't display Images that don't have a URL in the hosted Internet Explorer, but that I wanted to keep HTML-compatible pages. The first approach is to have a local web server that delivers the pages. There is however a second approach, which involves actually having the images in the file system. I could either store them in the database and "extract" them to a temporary directory when SWiki starts, or I could keep them externally and only "register" them in the database.

I think I like that approach as well, because it solves any corporate networking concerns (IT usually isn't too happy with people running their own rogue web servers within a corporate network...).

I'm busy with some other projects and I have to find a new name for SWiki (someone else had the name before :)), but I do now have a good idea on what I want to do with it and how to achieve that.