You can remove Ads from your Ad-Supported Kindle now

Previously, I blogged about my new Kindle 4 and that I was bothered more by the ads than I thought. With the Ad-Supported Kindle 3 that meant tough luck – send it back under the 30 day money back guarantee and get a new one.

Now, Amazon finally has an option to remove the ads. Log in to your Amazon Account and select "Manage your Kindle", then "Manage your Devices".

There should be a column for "Special Offers" in which you can remove the ads (the column will only be there when you have a Kindle with ads).

Obviously, Amazon will charge the difference ($30 for the basic Kindle 4) and within a minute or two your Kindle will happily proclaim that Special Offers have been removed (provided it’s connected to WiFi).

I have no idea if it works for the Kindle 3 as well.

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