You can remove Ads from your Ad-Supported Kindle now

Previously, I blogged about my new Kindle 4 and that I was bothered more by the ads than I thought. With the Ad-Supported Kindle 3 that meant tough luck - send it back under the 30 day money back guarantee and get a new one.

Now, Amazon finally has an option to remove the ads. Log in to your Amazon Account and select "Manage your Kindle", then "Manage your Devices".

There should be a column for "Special Offers" in which you can remove the ads (the column will only be there when you have a Kindle with ads).

Obviously, Amazon will charge the difference ($30 for the basic Kindle 4) and within a minute or two your Kindle will happily proclaim that Special Offers have been removed (provided it's connected to WiFi).

I have no idea if it works for the Kindle 3 as well.

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[...] Ads are annoying. I thought it wouldn't bother me much, but I spend a lot of time on the Home Screen and I have 4 pages of books already. I'm only losing one row (9 vs. 10 Books per page) but it just somehow feels I'm losing a lot of space. If Amazon would offer an option to pay the $30 difference to remove ads, I'd seriously consider it. Ads themselves are not annoying and only show up on the home screen and screen saver, not during reading. So if you are cost concious, buying the ad-supported Kindle isn't a bad thing. (Edit: You can upgrade the firmware to an ad-free one directly through Amazon) [...]