I don’t like Single-Player DLC

DLC is all the hype nowadays, with every game getting a few pieces for money after release. Fallout 3 and New Vegas had DLC, Deus Ex Human Revolution had its first DLC released, Assassins Creed 2 had DLC and so did Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

I don't think I played any Single-Player DLC, possibly with the exception of Gears of War 2: Road to Ruin and the Dragon Age DLC when I bought the Platinum Edition.

The reason is quite simple: DLC is too small. When I play a game, I want to really dive in and be immersed, live through the story, see my characters succeed and fail. After I'm done with the campaign, I'll detach myself from the game again and move on. Picking up the game later means I have to get my mind back into it, remember all the events, characters and little nuances that immersed me the first time around.

Most DLC is over before I'm really back in the mood. A lot of DLC is poorly integrated into the story line and feels tacked on.

Please, don't charge me $8 for an hour of game play.

I want $30 expansions that have a full, fleshed out story line, like Dragon Age: Awakening. Or a $50 sequel. But please, no more Bring down the Sky or Operation: Anchorage.

(Of course, this only applies to Single-Player/Story content. Feel free to sell as many mods, skins and weapon textures for $8 as you want, people buy them)