Through the Fence

I shot my first two rolls of 35mm film in 15 years or so, and as expected, the majority of pictures only serve as a way for me to understand what the different camera settings do.

One of the photos that came out well is this shot of the Sand Canyon Bike Trail in Irvine, CA, shot through the fence on the Bridge over it.

It was shot on Black & White film (Ilford XP2 Super 400) on a Nikon FG 35mm SLR Film Camera with a 50mm lens at an aperture of f/22. That way, the background is in focus (I have a photo with f/3.5 and blurry background as well, but it's not as effective).

The one thing that I dislike is that the right side lacks detail - I think that underexposing it a little might have been a better choice. I love the way the film grain looks. Unlike Digital Camera Noise, the grain doesn't look like a compression artifact and gives it a nice, vintage note.