Various Links

Me and some friends are currently working on a little movie project, The Filthy Pumpkin Show. My job – apart from being the main script writer – is the website, which is a based one.

So when building it, I stumbled accross a few questions, and here is my list of some helpful links.

  • Adding JavaScript Attributes to a Textbox
    • Simply adding onblur/onfocus to a asp:TextBox causes a Warning in Visual Studio
    • textBox.Attributes.Add does the trick
  • Gracefully handling HttpRequestValidationException
    • ValidateRequest is a great function, but the Yellow Screen of death is not so nice
    • Warning: This does not work properly with AJAX. I have an UpdatePanel with a Textbox and when the user types HTML into the Textbox with the above soultion, then there will be an error popup. I’ll see on StackOverflow if there is a better solution…
  • Disabling a Button in an AJAX UpdatePanel
    • To prevent double-submissions when using AJAX
  • Ajaxy Loadng Images
    • What does every Web 2.0 Website need, apart from a “BETA”-Banner? Of course: Spinning Circles when AJAX Stuff is happening!
    • This page generates a variety of those loading images