Various Links Volume 2, SourceGrid, H.264 in Flash

A few days ago, I've posted a list of links to solve various issues I ran into while creating a site. Now, here is yet another list for another set of issues. By the way, I usually use Twitter as my scratchpad when I stumble across new links, so feel free to follow me.

  • Automating aspnet_compiler
    • Usually, I use the "Publish Web Site" Function in Visual Studio to Publish my Web Project
    • However, for build scripts on my non-Visual Studio Build Server, I need to use aspnet_compiler
  • HttpModules instead of Global.asax
    • Sounds a lot more complicated than it is
    • Allows to be more flexible than with Global.asax
  • App_Offline.htm
    • Useful to display a "This Application is currently undergoing maintenance" message while you are just re-uploading a new version of an application
    • Also contains a Bonus hint regarding Internet Explorers Friendly errors

And as a Bonus:

  • SourceGrid
    • A simple Grid that reminds me of Delphi's StringGrid, except that it's a bit more flexible
    • The standard WinForms DataGridView is not really working for me when I want to add images, buttons or stuff like that
  • Flash and H.264
    • Since some time, Flash can play back H.264 videos. Unfortunately, everyone just calls it "Flash 9 Update 3", which is not helpful when you want to programmatically check if the Flash Player supports H.264.
    • So to clarify this once and for all: The First version of Flash to support H.264 is 9.0.115